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Get Trained for your Digital Marketing Skills

Learn from Live example, best way to improve your digital marketing skills.

I've found, and guide you on how to find a good coach so you don't have to waste any more. Time is like a hobbit lost in Mirkwood. 


Find a coach to teach you digital marketing strategies to generate new leads and sales. The best digital marketing coaches are the ones that help you focus your marketing efforts on one thing. No problem, a digital marketing coach will help you identify which articles, blog posts, and social media posts will help you get clicks and drive traffic to your website that will lead to real sales.


I will help you to get the digital marketing information and resources they need to learn valuable marketing skills. 


My Traffic and Leads Strategies has helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners get their business.

Digital Marketing Training
digital marketing trainer

Get Best Live Training

I help many students to grow in this digital marketing field to start with internships, jobs and own business too. With my digital marketing inspiration program, students will learn live training and 

Real life scenario and case studies in digital marketing,I will help you build your digital marketing business step by step.

My Program, session or any webinar, will help you to grow tangible results. Myself Founder of Kobra SEO having 8 years of extensive digital marketing experience from scratch and with multiple domain mostly across all sector with organic to paids performance every stage proven solid result to our client and business owners

I’m also part of upGrad trainer and coach for student learning in upgrad 100+ students. I’ve trained in upGrad and it's going on.

from me

Learn & Earn Skills

I’m also part of other educational institution where providing training to student for over all digital marketing end to end guidance and teaching experience to them. Training advantage you will get, Short time session.

For Students

  • Finding their niche
  • Helping them to create their own blog or business website
  • Strategies for SEO 
  • Strategies for Social Media
  • Strategies for PPC campaign paid ads
  • And Many more Digital Marketing tactics and session

For Business Owners

  • Finding their business niche
  • Guiding them to create robust SEO strategies
  • Overall Digital Marketing Strategies according to their business 
digital marketing coach


Our students have business backgrounds, such as digital marketing and marketing, finance, law, and education. These backgrounds not only help you in the learning process but prepare you for a wide variety of careers in digital marketing that are available to those who seek employment after graduating from our program.

The training will provide your students with an effective education in digital marketing, including: – Students satisfaction is the top priority. Our curriculum is designed to ensure they will leave feeling empowered and inspired to apply what they’ve learned

Yes, by completing the Digital Marketing Training program. Upon completion of the training program, you will have earned an actual certificate of completion.

Our providers are experienced marketing professionals. These professionals use the knowledge they have to teach our students.

The required level for the courses is higher than freshmen courses. This training focuses on teaching students of any skill level.

Yes, you can work full-time while enrolled in this course. You can get your hands dirty and start training yourself as you study online. Our instructors also offer remote sessions for trainees who would like to learn from home or any other location.

Digital Marketing Training is available in both on-campus and online formats for students.

We offer payment plans in the form of instalments and one time payments that can be purchased through our website. If you cannot wait to get started, then our immediate payment option allows you to purchase a course and have it delivered straight away.

You will work on a combination of project work, assessments and exercises. We give you a range of practical projects to prepare for your eventual career in digital marketing so that you have at least some knowledge of the industry, but we also bring you coursework to help you learn more that goes beyond what any student could expect in just one college course.

We are known for our quality work and we have always dedicated to SERP guidelines which help our client to grow in a digital world


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Address : Parrys , Chennai


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