Our Portfolios & Case Studies

SEO Campaign - Case Study

  • Sector : Education 
  • Requirement: Lead Generation & Keyword Ranking
  • Campaign: SEO

In 2017, We worked for school in Chennai to rank their website for Organic result in Chennai, the website was totally freshly created

Strategies we created and implement

Keyword research: We find keywords for their business and make a plan for them to rank in short period of time

On-page SEO: We started working on on-age activity for their all school and make it our plan ready with all SEO on-page activity created and started implementing the same 

Local SEO: We started working on Local SEO with Google My Business and also Local Citation for schools

Off-page Activity: Start creating backlinks for schools for keywords which we finalized with management 

Created Lead Gen form for Admission and started working on it and shared on social media and local SEO with website too

After all doing with them within 1 year we got all their keywords on Top page of google and started generating good amount of quality leads for business 

Final result: In 1 year we collected 150+ organic lead for schools from Website (Organic) & Google My Business (Local SEO) Totally Organically

Conversion from Lead is 20%, ROI from SEO Campaign was 800%

80% Of Keywords got the position in Top Page of Google

After doing our SEO even still our clients are getting positive reward in the terms of quality leads and Keyword ranking

SEO Agency

PPC Campaign - Case Study

  • Sector : Education (Aviation)
  • Requirement: Lead Generation (Conversion)
  • Campaign: Google Ads (Paid Ads – PPC Campaign)

In 2019 One of our clients reached out to us for PPC services for their business. They had newly created website and enter in to business newly in 2019

Strategies we created and implement

Identified Channel: We started working of identifying the channel for their business ads for lead generation, we have finalize 3 channels which is google search ads, Facebook and Instagram

After successfully identifying channel started working of strategies for their ads – Created Best landing Page for their ads

Google Ads: Started finding out better keywords for Aviation Courses and created Google Search Ads for 10 days campaign

  • Daily Budget: 1000
  • Campaign period : 10 days
  • Leads Generated: 292
  • CTR: 8.72%
  • ROI : 5900%

Facebook & Instagram: Started Traffic Campaign with Lead Generation Form

  • Daily Budget: 500
  • Campaign period : 10 days
  • Reach: 108704
  • Click: 2010
  • Leads Generated: 147
  • ROI : 8900%

In short period of time we gave them quality leads and conversion for their business 

App Store Optimization (ASO) - Case Study

  • Sector : Matchmaking & Dating 
  • Requirement: Play Store Ranking
  • Campaign: App Store Optimization (ASO – Organic Ranking and Install Growth)

We worked in 2020 for one of the Named brand and listed company of India for their app growth and ranking on google play store 

Campaign required to ranking Newly created app need to ranking in UAE for the particular keywords 

Started working on strategies for keyword research and finalize some number of keywords

Strategies and Implementation 

Created a quality content with Meta component for ASO such as Title / short description / long description, UX UI and Video for the same 

Within 1year we increase our presence on 1st top 10 position and mostly for our 70% of keywords and quality rating 

Result : We got around 100K+ Downloads Organically in less than one year of time and mostly all download gained organically with 4+ Play store rating in short period of time

We provided solution for their app growth with organically rank in play store

We are known for our quality work and we have always dedicated to SERP guidelines which help our client to grow in a digital world


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